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CTA to sell 3-Day transit passes on Groupon

The Chicago Transit Authority has partnered with Groupon to offer discounted 3-Day passes to CTA riders, marking the first-ever partnership between the Chicago-based daily deal site and a U.S. transit agency to sell fare media. The discount will be offered as early as the end of June and promises to encourage thousands of new riders to take CTA this summer.

“This innovative deal is exciting in many ways, ” said Mayor Emanuel. “It will generate nearly $2 million of immediate additional revenue for CTA, it will introduce and attract new potential customers to CTA, and is an innovative example of the government and business community working together to benefit the entire city.”
Groupon will purchase a total of 250, 000 3-Day passes for $1.882 million. Each pass will be sold for $7.53 wholesale and offered to Groupon members for $9 instead of $14, the current price of a 3-Day pass. The offer will have a limit of four per person Groupon will own the cards it purchases until they are sold. CTA will receive an upfront payment for the fare cards. As such, the agency has a chance for a win-win; an immediate influx of capital and hundreds of thousands of potential new riders over the summer.

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St. Croix is Wonderful!!

2009-08-02 22:16:58 by bagspacked

I went to St. Croix in 03! I have been to many fantastic vacation spots but St. Croix is way up towards the top of my list! It is small and has rainforests, mountains, and beaches! I stayed in some old hotel ON the boardwalk for $50 per room per night! Islanders would make fun of my friends and I for staying there and then tell us made up stories about the former owners, but I LOVED it! We had t... camping on any beach because the sand mites will tear you up! my friends and i all flew from tx on frequent flier miles. $400 sounds amazing! i would return in a heartbeat for that cheap! i love this island because it is quiet (cruise ships do not dock there)! the locals and waiters, etc. got to where they recognized my friends and i and would ask..."hey, where's such and so tonight?" have fun!

Hawaii is a popular place in December. You might

2006-10-29 11:17:04 by have-some-problems

Getting something that is truly inexpensive booking this late, but you could certainly TRY. If you're willing to attend a time-share presentation, some of the better resorts will give you a break in price, which sometimes also includes use of a rental car, which is pretty much a requirement if you want to see the island. Check in the newspaper for any "deals" that are being offered right now. Some, if you pay ahead, will be all inclusive of airfare, hotel, car. All you have to do is pay for your food and tours.
Drive up to the top of Haliakala to watch the sunrise one morning. That is spiritual. If you like snorkeling, there are some great spots north of Lahaina right along the beaches there.
Enjoy your honeymoon. Take lots of pics. You will love it there.

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sybaris. Obviously you hated school too. May 23, 2012 at 5:59 pm | Report abuse |. Bryan. WOW! I wonder if this could actually live up the wonder that was …

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... “Diamo credito alla cultura”, in programma mercoledì 23 Maggio alle ore 9, al teatro Sybaris del Protoconvento francescano di Castrovillari. L'incontro, voluto …

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Ieri e oggi" (Sala casa canonica del Carmine, ore 19); - Castrovillari: convegno di studio sul tema "Diamo credito alla cultura" (Teatro Sybaris, ore 9); - Polistena: …

3 Day Getaways up to -90%

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These days, walking down the aisle means taking a fifty-fifty chance.
3. The Oberoi Group just began sailings through the backwaters of the Indian state.

3 Day Holidays

Look up 3 Day Holidays. Get Trusted Answers Now!

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  • Avatar Catherine C Where to go for a romantic 3-day getaway from SF Bay Area?
    Jan 28, 2008 by Catherine C | Posted in San Francisco

    I'm planning a 3-day getaway weekend with my spouse for our 15th wedding anniversary in April. Willing to travel by car or plane (within limits of a 3 day trip). Looking for a place that is romantic and beautiful. Don't want to skimp on cost because I hope to be married 15 years only once! Having said that, I also do not want to be overly extravagant.

    • Charleston , South Carolina!!! We have historic inns, bed and breakfasts, beach resorts/rentals, art, museum, carriage rides and unbelievable shopping!! and God bless!